quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2011

Bolsa Pós-Doc

O Professor Lee Berger do Institute for Human Evolution (University of the Witwatersrand) anunciou a abertura de uma bolsa de pós-doutoramento em Anatomia de Hominínios. Aqui fica o texto original:

"I have just been informed that I have received a two year Post-Doctoral bursary from the African Origins Platform of the Department of Science and Technology. The position is available to be filled immediately. I wish to fill the position with a person whom has just completed, or is about to complete their Ph.D. and whom would be interested in participating in the Malapa project in a variety of ways. Specifically, the person should be interested in participating with our senior team in the segmentation and analysis of the synchrotron data of the MH-1 cranium, the segmentation and analysis of other hominin and fauna remains and participation in a variety of ongoing projects around Malapa including the block scanning project. The person should be a keen and enthusiastic worker and be willing to learn CT and segmentation techniques. It would be extremely desirable for the person to have some skills or background in this area although not absolutely necessary as we have the necessary staff and students to support initial training. An understanding of primate and faunal anatomy is also highly desirable. This position will offer the successful candidate a rare opportunity to participate at the front line of research of the Malapa hominins and fauna and will certainly result in their participation in a number of high profile projects and publications, as well as offering them the opportunity to interact with the more than 80 researchers involved in the project, as well as be involved with the dynamic growth of the Institute for Human Evolution. With our recent acquisition of a micro-ct scanner as well as access to a state of the art virtual lab and access to off-site scanners, this is an excellent opportunity for a young researcher to make a significant impact on the field. Other opportunities to participate in field work and other laboratory projects are also available to the successful candidate.

Salary is R110,000 per annum. Travel costs and additional research support are available. The money is tax free.

Please email me if you know of any interested individuals. Appointment dates can be with immediate effect".

Aqui fica o contacto do Prof. Lee Berger: Lee.berger@wits.ac.za

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