segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

the introduction of the Egyptian mongoose (Herpestes ichneumon) [sacarrabos] in Iberia

Detry C., Bicho N., Fernandes H.,Fernandes C. (2011). The Emirate of Córdoba (756–929 AD) and the introduction of the Egyptian mongoose (Herpestes ichneumon) in Iberia: the remains from Muge, Portugal. Journal of Archaeological Science, 38 (12): 3518-3523.

We describe new finds of Herpestes ichneumon (Egyptian mongoose) from an archaeological context in Portugal, directly 14C dated to c. 800 AD. This is at least two centuries older than a previously reported find of this species from Andalusia (southern Spain; Riquelme-Cantal et al., 2008). Our finding provides further support to the hypothesis that the Muslims introduced this animal to the Iberian Peninsula. In particular, we suggest that Berber settlers might have brought it some time during the Umayyad conquest of Iberia or with the establishment of the Emirate of Córdoba.

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