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Environmental Archaeology: Early agriculture in uncertain climates

O último número da revista Environmental Archaeology tem o seguinte tema "Early agriculture in uncertain climates: integrating social and environmental perspectives"

Eis o índice, para atestarem o grande interesse deste número:

Early agriculture in uncertain climates: themes and approaches
pp. 109-112(4)
Authors: Bogaard, Amy; Whitehouse, Nicki
Research Papers

Was low atmospheric CO2 a limiting factor in the origin of agriculture?
pp. 113-123(11)
Authors: Cunniff, Jennifer; Charles, Michael; Jones, Glynis; Osborne, Colin P.

Reassessing the evidence for the cultivation of wild crops during the Younger Dryas at Tell Abu Hureyra, Syria
pp. 124-138(15)
Authors: Colledge, Sue; Conolly, James

Declining oaks, increasing artistry, and cultivating rice: the environmental and social context of the emergence of farming in the Lower Yangtze Region
pp. 139-159(21)
Authors: Fuller, Dorian Q.; Qin, Ling

Holocene environmental change and the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in north-west Europe: revisiting two models
pp. 160-172(13)
Author: Schulting, Rick

Short climatic fluctuations and their impact on human economies and societies: the potential of the Neolithic lake shore settlements in the Alpine foreland
pp. 173-182(10)
Authors: Schibler, Jörg; Jacomet, Stefanie

Tolerating change at Late Chalcolithic Tell Brak: responses of an early urban society to an uncertain climate
pp. 183-198(16)
Authors: Charles, Michael; Pessin, Hugues; Hald, Mette Marie

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