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2012 spring meeting of the Association for Environmental Archaeology

The 2012 spring meeting of the Association for Environmental Archaeology will take place on 21st April 2012 at Plymouth University. It will be a student focused meeting, although attendance and presentation from practitioners from the commercial sector and more established academics is encouraged. Oral and poster presentations on any aspect of Environmental Archaeology are welcomed and it is hoped that the full range of sub-disciplines of environmental archaeology will be represented. A limited number of travel bursaries will be available to student presenters. The deadline for abstract submission (250 words max) is 1st February. Posters advertising the conference can be downloaded from the AEA website at:
We would be very grateful if you could display these in your institutions. Registration forms will be made available from the same website shortly.For further information or to submit an abstract please contact Marta Perez (marta.perez@plymouth.ac.uk).
The Organising Committee
Richard Madgwick, Bournemouth University
Marta Perez, Plymouth University
Lisa Lodwick, University of Oxford
Wendy Howard, University of Exeter

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